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Microabrasion, also referred to as air abrasion, is one of the techniques we use in treating tooth decay here at Deer Valley Dental Care in South East (SE) Calgary.

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What Happens During Microabrasion Treatment

Microabrasion is made possible by a dental handpiece that emits fine stream of particles.

These tiny particles are sprayed over the affected tooth area, removing decay.

Decay particles are then suctioned away. After this, bonding is applied on the teeth surface to keep decay from invading again restore health of the teeth.

Microabrasion eliminates the need for a drill. Patients with sensitive teeth may report a cold sensation. Microabrasion doesn’t require numbing of the area. 

Advantages of Microabrasion

  • You won’t feel pressure or vibration on your mouth throughout the process.
  • Anesthesia may not be required anymore. This is especially the case for minor tooth cavity.
  • This procedure is more conservative as it leaves behind healthy tooth tissues.
  • Microabrasion helps reduce the risk of your tooth chipping or getting fractured.
  • This treatment can be done in multiple areas in your mouth, all in a single visit.

Getting Dental Microabrasion in SE Calgary

Microabrasion is usually performed to treat tooth decay on children and teenagers.

It is also done to prepare the teeth surface prior sealant application.

However, it can be used for any patient age, whether for treating cavities or preventing decay from developing.

If tooth decay is your concern, microabrasion can help.

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