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Our Calgary Dentists

At Deer Valley Dental Dental Care in South East (SE) Calgary, we have a team of 8 dentists, ready to treat you. Get to know our professional and friendly dentists and book and appointment today.

Dr. Waleed Al-Turfi, Calgary General Dentist

Dr. Waleed Al-Turfi

Dr. Waleed Al-Turfi, known in the office as ‘Dr. Waleed’, is a general dentist at Deer Valley Dental Care in SE Calgary, and has been practicing dentistry since 2001.

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Dr. Tobin Doty, Calgary Dentist

Dr. Tobin Doty

Dentist Dr. Tobin Doty has been with Deer Valley Dental Care in SE Calgary for 23 years, and looks forward to continue caring for his many loyal patients.

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Dr. Kevin Philipow, Calgary Dentist

Dr. Kevin Philipow

SE Calgary dentist Dr. Kevin Philipow has been a part of the Deer Valley Dental Care team since 2015.

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Dr. Ammar Al-Siraj, Calgary Dentist

Dr. Ammar Al-Siraj

Dentist Dr. Ammar Al-Siraj at Deer Valley Dental Care in Calgary focuses on providing a comfortable and well informed visit for all of his patients.

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Dr. Dania Al-Sammarraie, Calgary Dentist

Dr. Dania Al-Sammarraie

Dr. Dania believes in treating her patients so that they are as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

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Dr. Eric Tang, Calgary Dentist

Dr. Eric Tang

Dentist Dr. Eric Tang at Deer Valley Dental Care in Calgary is a big believer in prevention and helping his patients make the best choices for their oral health.

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Dr. Atharva Desai, Calgary General Dentist

Dr. Atharva Desai

Dentist Dr. Desai at Deer Valley Dental Care in Calgary He enjoys all aspects of general dentistry with a keen interest in Endodontics and Implant Dentistry.

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Dr. Karl Oppenheim

Dr. Karl Oppenheim

SE Calgary dentist Dr. Karl Oppenheim spent 4 years studying at the Las Vegas Institute of Dental Excellence.

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