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  • Digital X-Ray

    Calgary dentists at Deer Valley Dental Care are now using digital x-ray technology. What is Digital Radiography? We use a process called Digital Radiography, or Digital X-Ray, to take pictures inside your mouth. This method of taking x-rays is done instantly via a computerized x-ray system. We position a tiny digital sensor inside your mouth and take the picture. This technology also allows us to take what are called “e...
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  • IntraOral Cameras

    At Deer Valley Dental Care, one of the pieces of equipment we use to help you better understand your dental health is an intraoral camera. What Are IntraOral Cameras? This device looks like a pen but is able to capture videos. It’s connected to the computer system and the TV screen on the ceiling above each chair.  Because of its small profile, an intraoral camera can be easily moved inside your mouth. We’re able to sha...
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  • Microabrasion

    Microabrasion, also referred to as air abrasion, is one of the techniques we use in treating tooth decay here at Deer Valley Dental Care. What Happens During Microabrasion Treatment Microabrasion is made possible by a dental handpiece that emits fine stream of particles. These tiny particles are sprayed over the affected tooth area, removing decay. Decay particles are then suctioned away. After this, bonding is appli...
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  • Periodontal Laser Therapy

    A periodontal laser therapy is a method of controlling gum disease without having to resort to surgery, which we offer at our dental office in SE, Calgary. How Periodontal Laser Therapy Works Dental lasers produce beams of light energy capable of removing or shaping tissue. The dentist uses the laser to remove infected gum tissues. Other traditional gum disease treatments are scaling and root planing. Once these tissues are ...
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