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Children's Dentist in Calgary SE

At our Deer Ridge dental clinic in SE Calgary, our friendly dentists provide comprehensive dental services for children of all ages.

Get your children off to a great oral health start!

Early dental care for kids is important because it helps ensure that children are able to maintain strong and healthy teeth as they grow up. Learning good dental habits at a young age may protect kids from dental problems down the road.

It's quite common for children to feel anxious about seeing dentists. At our Calgary dental clinic, we address this by establishing a good, trusting long-term relationships with our young patients and their parents.

Comprehensive Dental Services for Calgary Kids

At Deer Valley Dental Care, we want to make every visit to the dentist stress-free and fun for your children. To help kids establish confidence in us, as their dentists, we:

Create a positive dental environment 

We strive to make each dental visit a relaxed, fun experience for kids, with a friendly team and fun games to distract them from feeling nervous

We help parents make dental visits a lot easier by creating a dental environment that kids feel comfortable in.

Develop tailored treatment plans

We use various approaches for your child’s dental growth and development, and will develop a unique dental treatment plan based on your child's unique requirements.

Focus on prevention first

Our goal is to head off any potential oral health problems before they occur, to ensure that children's teeth and gums stay healthy throughout their formative years. 

Dental Treatment For Children in Calgary SE

A Note About Prevention 

For children, our primary goal is to use preventive techniques to eliminate dental problems from developing before they occur. This is important to keep children's smiles healthy and bright now, and to best safeguard their good oral health as they grow into adulthood.

Preventive dental care measures for children include regular checkups and cleaning at the dentists at the dentist's office, thorough coaching in at-home brushing and flossing techniques, and additional options like fluoride and dental sealants.


Dental sealants are a great way to prevent cavities from developing in children's teeth. Most of us have fillings on the top surface of our back teeth because these teeth have deep grooves that are difficult to clean, making them very susceptible to decay.

Dental sealants fill in the deep grooves so they are easy to clean. This is particularly important for children, because they are still learning to clean their teeth properly, and may not be as thorough as adults.

Dental Visits for Parents and Kids

We know that our Calgary patients have busy lives and full schedules, and this can make it difficult to find a good time to bring your family to the dentist! To make it easier, we offer full-family appointments, and we're open early and late, 7 days a week

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