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At Deer Valley Dental Care in SE Calgary, we do our best to care for as many dental emergency patients as possible.

Emergency Service at Deer Valley Dental Care

If you’re ever caught in a dental emergency, call us at 403-271-6300 . Our dental office in Calgary SE is easily accessible. We’ll do our best to give you instructions over the phone and see you right away once you get to the clinic.

We have seen that dental emergencies can happen anytime after years of working with South Calgary families. This is also among the reasons we have flexible practice hours. So you can come in early morning or even late in the evening when you need immediate medical attention.

Simple Precautions to Avoid Dental Emergencies

While dental emergencies are inevitable, you can try to minimize risk of injuries to your teeth.

First is to not use your teeth for anything except for chewing food. Many have the tendencies to open or cut packaging with their teeth. Avoid this at all times. You not only expose your teeth to harm, you can also cut or injure your lips or gums.

If you are to participate in sports or any physically-strenuous activities, make it a habit to wear a mouthguard. The custom mouthguard will serve as protection for your teeth against any injury.

Finally, watch what you eat. Avoid munching on hard kernels or candies, for instance. Hard food can cause damage to your teeth.

Contact Deer Valley Dental Today if you have a dental emergency that requires immediate attention.

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