Our Dental Care Philosophy

At Deer Valley Dental Care in South East (SE) Calgary, our philosophy remains committed to providing the dental care services you need to maintain your dental health.

Quality Service

We’ve seen generations of families visit us in the office, and every time, we make sure to provide each patient with dental care tailored to them. It’s always a pleasure to see our patients come back to the clinic.

Here are 10 Reasons Our Patients Choose to Work with Our Team at Deer Valley Dental Care

Flexible clinic hours.

We offer flexible practice hours that are perfect for families, especially patients with full-time jobs. From early morning to late evening, 7 days a week.

Fully trained and friendly dental professionals.

We have 11 General Dentists in the office. If you want to work with a specific dentist on our team, let us know so we can help you arrange a schedule.


Come take a tour of our office and we will show you all the technology we use in your treatment.

Sedation options for anxious patients.

We offer sedation services to help nervous or anxious parents.

Relaxing visits.

We turn dental appointments into pampering visits in the dental office with amenities such as massage chairs and coffee bars that are all free for your use.

Emergency dental care for your family.

We do our best to accommodate patients the same day they advise us of a dental emergency.

Convenient dental office location.

We’re easily accessible! Our dental office is located just right off Deerfoot Trail. Parking isn’t an issue either. We have plenty of free parking for our patients right out front.

Patient education through intraoral cameras.

We use intraoral cameras so patients can see what happens as we examine their mouth.

Comprehensive range of dental services for both kids and adults.

We offer wide range of dental services from preventive hygiene to dental implants.

Transparent treatment costs.

We know financial surprises aren't fun, so we try to ensure you know all your costs before you get the work done and what will and will not be covered by your insurance.

*Please note that all services in Deer Valley Dental Care are provided by General Dentists in Calgary SE.

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