How to Deal with a Dental Emergency at Home

How to Deal with a Dental Emergency at Home

Accidents happen anytime, and dental emergencies are no exception. There are ways to prepare and deal with dental emergencies at home. 

If you chip your tooth or experience an onset of a strong toothache, we are your emergency dentist in Calgary. We’re always ready to help you in the case of an emergency!

What is a dental emergency?

There are a variety of issues that may constitute a dental emergency in Calgary such as a knocked out or chipped tooth, a dislodged crown or loose filling or even a toothache.

Some dental emergencies include:

Knocked out tooth, or a tooth forced out of position or loosened

This type of dental emergency commonly occurs due to a fall, sports injury or other trauma. 

Fractured, cracked or chipped tooth

You can experience a small, medium or large chip in your tooth due to excessive teeth grinding, trauma, a cavity or if you bite down on something too hard.


A toothache is characterized by a dull or sharp pain. Common causes of toothaches include tooth decay, an abscess, gum disease, damaged fillings or sealants, and sometimes improper oral hygiene.

Dislodged Crown or Loose Fillings

If you have had dental work, a crown or filling can dislodge. There are a few reasons why this would happen, including trauma, or poor maintenance of your dental work. 

How do I prepare for a dental emergency?

You never know when an accident may occur. We advise our Calgary patients to have a dental care kit handy to assist them if they experience any sort of dental or tooth pain or emergency.

What should my emergency kit contain?

  • Tylenol
  • a small container with a lid to preserve your tooth
  • gauze
  • dental cement from your local drug store, and
  • an ice pack.

Also, ensure that you have Deer Valley Dental Care’s contact information on hand, and call us right away to schedule your emergency appointment. Alternatively, you can walk in and our staff will try to accommodate you as quickly as possible.

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