Cosmetic Dental Services FAQ

What you need to know about the Cosmetic Dental Services provided by our dentists at Deer Valley Dental Care in SE Calgary.

Get a Brighter Smile

Cosmetic dental procedures are becoming increasingly popular now more than ever. It’s no longer surprising, as your smile is among the first things people notice in you.

A smile is like your signature – personal, distinctive, and unique. It’s one of your most recognizable features.

At Deer Valley Dental Care, we provide you dental health services, but we also want to help our patients be happier with the look of their smile.

Cosmetic dental services are offered to help enhance the appearance of your teeth.

Along with improving the look of your teeth, we also help you ensure they’re in good condition.

What Cosmetic Dental Procedures Can Do For You

A person may be reluctant to smile with open lips if they are not happy with their teeth. They may resort to covering their mouth with their hand when they laugh. We work with every patient to help give them a smile they feel is attractive.

Cosmetic dental procedures provide patients a wide range of benefits in addition to the strictly cosmetic improvements:

  • Makes dental cleaning easier.
  • Fixes chipped, cracked, or stained teeth.
  • Helps reduce teeth grinding.
  • Improves bite.

Evaluate Your Smile

Do you like the appearance of your teeth? Your smile in general? Are your teeth straight? Are they too short or rotated? Do you have spaces that are unappealing? Do you like the colour and shape of your teeth? Are there old fillings or dental work that you don’t like? How would you like your teeth to look?

Before deciding to go for any cosmetic dental procedure in Calgary, you might want to ask yourself these questions.

1. Do you like the appearance of your teeth?

2. Your smile in general?

3. Are your teeth straight?

4. Are they too short or rotated?

5. Do you have spaces that are unappealing?

6. Do you like the colour and shape of your teeth?

7. Are there old fillings or dental work that you don’t like?

8. How would you like your teeth to look?

9. Do you experience any of these issues with your teeth?

10. Stained, discoloured or dull-looking teeth

11. Chipped, cracked or worn teeth

12. Missing teeth

13. Problems with your bite

14. Crooked or crowded teeth

15. Excessive or uneven gums

Getting Cosmetic Dental Work

For cosmetic dental treatments, our goal is to see you leave our clinic, happy with your smile.

Overtime, your teeth may change in appearance. They may no longer look as white or as healthy. You might even notice them changing shape or increasing gaps in between. There are several factors that could cause these changes. One of which are cavities.

You don’t have to endure these issues all your life. Broken, discoloured, or missing teeth can still be fixed. You can restore your smile with the help of cosmetic dental services. Deer Dental Valley Care offers cosmetic dental treatment to South Calgary patients.

We try to see your goal as you see it so we can work together planning your smile. Many people choose not to take all these steps, but we give you options to make you feel more at ease.

10 Step Process

1. First, we request that you visit us in the clinic so we can discuss the changes you want done in your smile. We try to see your goal as you see it so we can deliver results you are happy with.

2. Once you’re confident we understand your needs, we can proceed to the examining the current condition of your teeth. Here, we also let advise you on possible options we can offer you.

3. Next up, we take impressions of your teeth. Using wax, we create changes we will make to your real teeth. Cosmetic dental treatment is about helping you achieve the smile you want so this allows you to see what your teeth will look like before we start any work.

4. We then choose a colour together, our goal is to make it natural looking.

5. In case you’re still unsure how you want your new teeth to look like, we can make a plastic stent for you. This is an exact duplicate of the wax-up that you can wear on top of your teeth. Now you can see how your new smile will look like.

6. You can wear this stent at home for a few days. Make sure to ask your friends and family how you look. We will only proceed with the next steps once you are completely satisfied.

7. Once you’re happy with the results, we proceed to preparing the tooth area and taking impressions.

8. In cases where tooth preparation is required, we follow these steps.

Once you’re happy how the temporaries fit and work, we create an exact duplicate for the final piece.

9. The dentist makes the veneers or crowns for you to try. Feel free to invite a friend or family member you can consult regarding the final look of your smile.

10. Once you’re happy, we finally cement the veneers or crowns on your teeth. You can now show off your new smile!

*All services in the dental office are provided by general dentists.

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