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What is a wooden toothbrush?

What is a wooden toothbrush?

Plastic tooth brushes get lost in the recycling process, there is a biodegradable alternative.

We use our tooth brushes in the am and the pm. Not thinking about our landfills. But did you know there is a tooth brush that is biodegradable. Plastic tooth brushes get lost in the recycling process. A wooden tooth brush is more environmentally sustainable…Bamboo tooth brushes may be a great alternative.

The Bamboo used in toothbrushes

The Bamboo used, is grown naturally without pesticides or chemicals. It is considered a sustainable resource due to how much there is and how quickly it grows. Bamboo incredibly, can grow up to 4 feet in a day under the right conditions.

The bamboo tooth brush is even Panda friendly as the type of bamboo used is not eaten by Pandas therefore not taken from their food source.

What should I look for

There are quite few brands & varieties to choose from. Different handles, head shapes & bristle softness options. And they are very well priced. Usually the handle is layered with natural wax making it water resistant and the bristles 100% nylon BPA-free.

Did you know Bamboo is antimicrobial. It is the same reason bamboo is used in cutting boards, so you do not have to worry about bacteria growing on the handle, hence they should be left out to dry.

Because there is no difference between the lifespan of the plastic tooth brush & a bamboo tooth brush, it is still recommended by your dentist to replace it every 3months. Pull out the bristles and place them in your recycling and the handle goes in the compost.

Believing this to be a great way to continue to be conscious of the environment, I am sure in the future many dental practices may offer these as an alternative tooth brush given in your little goodie bag after your dental hygiene visits. But for now, I purchased one and I love it!

Contact our Calgary Dentists about your oral care and let us know if you are using a wooden toothbrush.

By Jody Chaffin, Treatment Coordinator

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