Should I have Dental Treatment after a Heart Attack?

Should I have Dental Treatment after a Heart Attack?

Dental procedures should be delayed at least six months after a heart attack.

Dental procedures should be delayed because cleaning teeth or any other dental procedure might cause bacteria from the mouth to enter the bloodstream through cuts, nicks, or sores inside the mouth.

The heart needs time to heal 

If there is significant pain or infection, patients are encouraged to see the dentist as soon as possible.  If severe enough, these conditions can take priority over such precautions.


After a heart attack, there will most likely be new medications.  Be sure to tell your dentist about all medications before having a dental procedure.  Some medications, like warfarin, are blood thinners to help prevent another heart attack or stroke.

In some instances, the dentist might request that blood thinners be temporarily stopped before a dental procedure. However, you should never stop taking any medication on your own.  Only do so at the advice of an appropriate healthcare professional.

Contact our Calgary dentists to make an oral care plan after a heart attack.

By Gwen Stopanski, Registered Dental Hygienist 

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