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Choosing a Toothbrush for your Toddler

Choosing a Toothbrush for your Toddler

With so many toothbrushes available on the market for children, choosing the right one for your child may seem confusing. Here, our Calgary dentists provide some tips for choosing a toothbrush for your toddler.

When choosing a toothbrush for your toddler, you should look for a few key features. It should be designed for your child’s age, easy to use, and enjoyable for your child to use twice a day.

Look at the Packaging

An easy way to narrow down the search for a toothbrush that will suit your toddler is to look at the toothbrush packaging at the pharmacy.

Most children’s toothbrushes will display an age range on the package, and you can use this as a guide to narrow down your choices.

Pay Attention to Shape

Your child’s toothbrush should have a head that is small enough to fit easily inside their mouth. Choose a brush that has soft bristles with rounded ends, because these will get your child’s teeth clean without being rough on the gums.

Additionally, look for a handle that has a large, soft grip that will be easy for your child to hold. Toddlers typically don’t have the coordination to brush effectively, but an easy-to-hold grip can help your child learn.

Choose a Fun Colour or Design

Children’s toothbrushes come in lots of colours and designs, sometimes featuring characters from popular movies, books or TV shows.

Choosing a toothbrush in a design that will appeal to your toddler's tastes can help get them excited about brushing. In turn, this can encourage your child develop healthy oral hygiene habits early, giving them a better chance at life-long oral health.

For more information about choosing the right toothbrush for your toddler, please contact our Calgary dentists for a consultation!

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